About Us

Carol Ruth - Organizer

For  over 45 years, Carol Ruth has been reading for people who needed  guidance in their lives. She has studied many areas of the Psychic  Realms, in order to bring to others the tools and knowledge necessary  that a good counselor should possess. As a Professional Astrologer  (PMAFA), she holds an Accreditation Certificate awarded in 1986, which  is recognized in the World. Carol Ruth has been organizing Metaphysical  Events since 1985 in the Western New York area.

What to Expect

Back  in 1985 my husband and I promoted  our first Event "Psychic Expressions  Fair". We did over 30 Events until  Gerald Douglas died in 1991. In  regards to competitive marketing in  Western New York, I'd just like to  say that any future Events that I may  promote are of the utmost quality  possible and that Psychics, Mediums,  Healers and Vendors are vetted  and qualified to work with the needs of  the Public and are Spiritual  Lightworkers. ~ Carol Ruth.